Painting, sketching, making comics, animating: Krita provides a solid tool for millions of artists around the world. Used professionally, in studios or by freelances, or putting a high-quality free tool in the hands of hobbyists, Krita is a big project where there's a lot to be done!

Krita is developed by a small team of core developers: currently only nine people, as well as a world-wide community of volunteer contributors. The work the core team does is essential for keeping Krita's development up to speed, to focus on maintaining a solid and stable application.

Krita has been around for over twenty years, the project was started by the KDE community in 1998. And Krita is growing! With millions of users every month, there is always something to improve on, add or polish.

Help us so we can keep growing Krita!

If you join the Krita Development Fund, you will directly help keep Krita getting better and better, and you will get:

  • A great application with powerful features, features designed together with the Krita community
  • Stable software where we will always try to fix issues -- last year over 1200 issues were resolved!
  • Visibility and recognition online, via community badges

Individual Membership and Community Badges

We offer a Development Fund membership based on a small recurring donation, starting at 5 Euro per month. As reward members can get “badges” and a name mention on the krita.org website and in the About Krita dialog in the Krita application.

Companies and organizations are also welcome to sign up for individual membership and (optionally) have their company name and url mentioned.

Under the following conditions we offer a credit on our website:

  • The credit has to be your own name, or your company name.
  • We reserve the right to not publish names and/or URLS, unconditionally. We do this for websites that do not align with our public benefit goals (such as gambling or adult-only sites).
  • We will add 'no follow' tags to urls.

Corporate Memberships

This high rated membership level starts at 6k per year and is for organizations who want the option to monitor in more detail the projects that will get funded with their contributions. They will get personal attention from the Krita team for strategic discussions and feedback on the roadmap.